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Included near the end of the 30th November presentation, at the request of the members of The Movement, was the suggestion that all our reformist zeal should be refocused on simply explaining to others that successfully Transcending Cruelty would profoundly affect our pursuit of happiness. They also asked me to share, with those who are interested in their new consensus, the more detailed treatment of that concept, and The Importance of Being Important concept, which are included in this lecture on Transcending Cruelty given at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on March 10, 2014.

This lecture explains the sources of cruelty and how deeply embedded they are in our personal pursuit of happiness. This starkly clear understanding of how and why we have an unnecessary and counter-productive fondness for inflicting pain on others also demonstrates that it is in your own self-interest to transcend this destructive (and self-destructive) desire and to learn how to disarm and dissuade others from being cruel to you.